Debut Trailer for 3DS Ace Attorney Collection Proves it’s the ‘Wright’ Collection

Just yesterday we reported that Capcom were planning an Ace Attorney Collection for the 3DS to be released in Japan on 17th April 2014. No word on a Western release just yet, but Capcom did upload the first trailer for it on their official Japanese channel on YouTube.

The trailer offers a brief glimpse at the three games that will be featured in the collection, while also highlighting the main cast of characters that fans have grown so fond of over the years. It’s cool to see actual footage of the 3DS version of these classic games. The visual face-lift looks nice and crispy to say the least, and the 2D sprites will certainly shine in stereoscopic 3D.

We also know what the collection will be called, which when translated works out as Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection. The Japanese release isn’t too far away, and hopefully Capcom will do the Wright (now do you get it!?) thing and release the collection over here too.