Earth Defense Force 2025 Goes Gold, Gets Three DLC Mission Packs

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Earth Defense Force 2025, but with its early-2014 release approaching fast D3 Publisher has started talking.  As of today the game is gold, with nothing left to do but print it up and get it into our greedy hands on February 18th.  It’s been far too long since we’ve gotten a new Sandlot-developed installment in the hyperactive annihilation of crazy-massive swarms of insects, spiders, and giant death robots, and it looks like they’ll be supplying tons of content beyond the “dozens of all-new missions” in the disk release in the form of three planned mission packs.

The first pack is a small one, 5 missions for $2.99, available on day 1.  (Yes, I did specifically quote and agree with Edmund McMillen’s views that “Only assholes plan day one dlc that isnt included in the games release!” just the other day.  What can I say?  EDF is my weakness.)  One week later on 2/25 sees the release of Mutant Rampage, 20 levels for $8.99, and two weeks after that sees Beyond Despair, another 20 levels for $8.99 on 3/11.  They’ll also be available bundled together, although whether they’ll be sold that way in advance as a season pass or combined after the third DLC’s release is as yet unannounced. Details on what’s included are also nonexistent, so there’s no way of knowing if there will be new enemies, weapons, or environments to turn into smoking piles of rubble.  Still, if EDF 2017 revealed anything it’s that Sandlot are very good at wringing plenty of mileage out of existing assets, so no matter what’s included the DLC should add plenty of solid content to a game that’s already nicely sizeable to begin with.  The long wait for new EDF is just about over, and it looks like the new game is making up for lost time with almost a third game’s worth of DLC content.