Respawn: No Microtransactions In Titanfall, Unsure About Season Pass

Titanfall is one game that won’t be invaded by microtransactions.  Unlike recent EA titles, the hotly anticiapted game from Respawn Entertainment will not force players to pay real world money to unlock content already in the game.  The company also has no news about whether there will be a Season Pass for the game.

The confirmation came from Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account.  When asked about whether the game will have microtransactions or a Season Pass Respawn replied, “no microtransactions. I don’t have any news on a season pass.”

Microtransactions have become a thorn in gamer’s sides the past few years.  After dominating the mobile market in Free-to-Play titles, major publishers have tried to shove them into $60 retail games.  EA and Microsoft are the most infamous users of this formula with the likes of Dead Space 3, Ryse: Son of Rome and Motorsport 5 sporting the controversial practice.  A huge backlash from Xbox One owners has caused Microsoft to rethink its stance.  The fact that Titanfall won’t have microtransactions is a very good sign.

Titanfall is out March 11 on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.