Tomb Raider Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

With the release of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on next-generation consoles, we’re sure many gamers have been wondering whether or not it succeed in topping the graphically impressive PC version. The answer isn’t necessarily clear as both have their ups and downs.

We have captured a few screenshots from both versions (as close as we could), hoping to demonstrate the differences between the two. On the left we have the PC version maxed out and on the right is the PlayStation 4 version. You determine which is superior (make sure to click the screenshots for full size):

LookingOnward2 LookingOnward
New boxes and shows the color difference in the environment.

FlameOn2 FlameOn
The smoke now resonates an orange glow and the fire effects are more vibrant.

FlameO2 FlameO
Again, far more lighting effects.

AllBones2 AllBones
Lara’s face shows much less emotion and the walls no longer shine.

AlittleNippy2 AlittleNippy
More Snow cover on the ground and brighter colors to the world.

Tiedup2 Tiedup
Lara’s eye is less bloody but there’s improved clothing textures.