Doom & Destiny Free on Amazon Appstore – Sideloads Perfectly on OUYA

Amazon’s free app of the day is rarely a video game, but today, it is one! Doom & Destiny normally goes for $2 on the Amazon Appstore, or $5 on the Xbox 360’s indie marketplace, but can be yours today for nothing. It’s a JRPG with a modern-day setting and funny writing that pokes fun at RPG conventions. In that sense, it’s a bit like Saturday Morning RPG, but less wacky. It’s more like Welcome to Eltingville than say Tim & Eric for an Adult Swim comparison. As a nice benefit, this game has full gamepad support right away and sideloads flawlessly on the OUYA system. All you have to do is install the Amazon Appstore to the system via a download, log in to your account, and download the game from either storefront or My Apps and get playing! If you’re an Android fan and a bit pissed at how FF VI turned out, check this out and be reminded of how good a JRPG can be when it’s optimized for the platform.