Warframe Gets Trophy Support In Latest Update

Digital Extremes has been listening to the player complaints about their free-to-play online third person shooter Warframe for the PlayStation 4. Many of those complaints pointed to the inability to customize weapons and a lack of the Trophy system implemented within the game — all of which are now fixed thanks to a patch released yesterday.

Update 11.5 firstly contains Oberon, the new Paladin Warframe class, a great choice for players looking to be a healer for their team and also great on the offensive scale of the battle. In addition to being able to customize their Solar System skill trees and creating various weapon customizations, the update will finally let players map out commands in any way they see fit.

“Players can now map the DualShock 4 controller to their liking, creating hundreds of layout possibilities. Find what works best for you or simply revert your changes back to the default layout with the simple press of a button,” wrote Pat Kudirka, Digital Extremes Associate Producer.

PlayStation Trophies have now been added to the game. Veteran players may not be able to retroactively gain these trophies based on their run in the game, but this new feature will give players reason to play more.

“A total of 20 Trophies are available, encouraging players to rank up their equipment, build items in the Foundry with collected resources, and participate in co-operative play; a key feature we like to emphasize in the Warframe universe,” Kudirka writes.

Warframe is currently out now, free to play and download for the PC and PlayStation 4. If any of this didn’t convince you, peep the introductory video on Oberon below!