YouTube Feature Announced for Ultra Street Fighter IV

If you’re an avid Super Street Fighter IV player who loves to duke it out online on a daily basis, then you know that there are a select few matches that turn out epic enough to be considered godlike to the entire world. Capcom has taken their battle log system a step further with a new feature added to Ultra Street Fighter IV: YouTube sharing.

Officially announced on the Capcom-Unity website yesterday by Street Fighter Community Manager David Hinds, this new integration with YouTube will allow combatants to choose any match playback from their battle log and have it uploaded to their YouTube channel. Players will also get to choose the quality of the video that they’re uploading.

“Whether it’s the best comeback since Daigo VS Justin Wong, or perhaps you had an encounter with a pro-player you want to share, this feature is great for those who are yet to own a direct capture device, and want to show off their favorite Ultra Street Fighter IV moments,” Hinds said.

This sort of integration calls into question of just how many other video game publishing companies are going to jump on the bandwagon, especially when Sony’s PlayStation 4 console will be utilizing this feature all on its own. Twitch is on board as well.

Regardless, Capcom is definitely hyping up Ultra Street Fighter IV in a big way and they still haven’t unveiled their fifth character just yet. Eager fighters won’t have to wait for much longer for this slobber-knocker title, as the game is set to hit consoles this June.