Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Missing DLC

One of the biggest draws of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was not merely just the enhanced graphics, but also a complete set of the DLC released over the past year. Indeed, with all of the FPS and new Lara model controversy, it’s a feature of the release that’s not been brought up often or scrutinized. We’ve recently discovered, however, that it may not be so complete after all.

The game was promised to come with all of the DLC released so far, with it being stated that “to sweeten the experience further, Crystal Dynamics has also included all the multiplayer DLC, which means eight maps and six weapons are added to the mix from the get-go.” But when putting together the package, the developers seemed to forget something: a certain Thor: The Dark World actor.

That’s right, Zachary Levi’s character “Zac” is no longer in the game. He could previously be selected in the multiplayer mode, but does not appear in the Definitive Edition:

Here’s a picture of Zac from the previous release of Tomb Raider with Levi himself assumedly making fun of himself:

Thankfully, this content is fairly unimportant as it’s doubtful many will even play the multiplayer let alone want to play as Zachery Levi, but it does mark the second thing missing from this Tomb Raider redux. The first? Why blood, of course.

We’ll keep combing Tomb Raider and let you know if we notice any other discrepancies.