Epic Games Is Not Quitting Game Development

Epic Games, for better or worse, is known for its work on the Gears of War franchise.  However, with the sale of the Gears of War IP to Microsoft one has to wonder what’s next for the house of Unreal Engine.  Well, more games of course.

PR Manager Wes Phillips used Twitter to calm fans down who thought that selling Gears of War meant Epic Games was exiting game development.  “For people saying Epic isn’t making games anymore, we currently have multiple games in development, including Fortnite.”

Dana Cowley, another PR manager also chimed in.  “We’re still making games, don’t worry.”

Fortnite, a survival game exclusive to PC, is the only project that has been formally announced at Epic Games.  What other projects they could possibly be working on is still a mystery.  A next-gen project seems likely seeing as how Epic Games demoed an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo at the PlayStation 4 reveal event nearly a year ago.

Epic Games currently owns the Unreal Tournament, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade IPs.