Crimson Dragon Gets $5 Discount to $15

Crimson Dragon is a fairly good successor to Panzer Dragoon, albeit one hurt by in-app purchases and a terrible camera. With a normal price of $20, it may seem a bit steep, but at $15, it’s a bit more reasonable. The IAP aren’t required, and just give you some buffs to make the game easier. By doing daily logins and just not playing, you can also earn a bunch of credit that way without having to spend real-world currency. It’s a good-looking game compared to the final entry in the series, although it’s not as good an overall value as Orta since that also contained the original game. It’s a shame Zwei and Saga weren’t thrown on the disc as well since it would have seemingly been the last chance to really get an all-encompassing Panzer Dragoon collection on shelves.