PS Store Update Goes Live – Final Fantasy Sale Steals the Show

This week’s PS Store update is now available, and heavily discounts a ton of Final Fantasy games. If you feel like some JRPG greatness with the FF X and X-2 remasters coming soon, you can enjoy past entries in the series for a lower price. Final Fantasy Origins and IX are $5, while XIII-2 is $9, XIV is $22 with its CE at $32, and the Dissidia games are $9 each along with FF III and IV: The Complete Collection. The PSP remake of Tactics is under $5, while FF V is $5. Outside of the FF games, you can also get Smart Ass…for the Vita free in your Instant Game Collection.

The PS2 classics name continues to be a laughing stock as MARK DAVIS PRO BASS CHALLENGE is available for $10. You may remember it from the finer 7-11 end caps alongside 25 Reese’s peanut butter cups, or not. In far more exciting news, the PSOne classics area has been updated with the launch title Cyber Sled for $6 and for the first time ever outside of Japan, The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny is available. At only $6, it’s an absolute steal for anyone who loved the Ignition Factor on the SNES. It’s basically that same idea, but with better visuals and more exciting gameplay. Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition is out for $60, which we have covered thoroughly over the past few weeks. PS3 and Vita owners can get DBZ: Battle of Z, or the Curve Studios Bundle with Thomas Was Alone, Stealth Inc., Lone Survivor, and Proteus for $15. This bundle is cross-buy while DBZ is not.  Vita owners can also get a Stardrone and BreakQuest Extra Evolution bundle for $9.