EA Executives Discuss Battlefield 4 Issues During Earnings Conference Call

Earlier this morning EA revealed that they are now expecting an operating loss for the current fiscal year, but were positive about the future thanks to increased digital and next-gen sales.  Battlefield 4 was revealed to be one of the three best-selling next-gen titles on both the PS4 and Xbox One, but EA was not able to escape the elephant in the room; Battlefield 4’s troubling launch.

During a Q&A at the end of the earnings conference an investor asked about Battlefield 4’s problems and what EA was doing to fix them.  EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund revealed that both EA and Dice thought the game was ready, but the game ended up being too “complex.”

“When Battlefield 4 launched, it was a very complex game, launching on two entirely new console platforms, as well as current-gen and PC,” Soderlund discussed.  “We were pushing innovation heavily and we’re delivering 60 frames per second gameplay for 64 players plus the ability to connect via mobile tablet as a Commander into the product, coupled those with some very innovative features on the gameplay side. Based on our pre-launch testing and beta performance, we were confident the game was ready when it was launched. Shortly after launch, however, we began hearing about problems from our player community, and the development team quickly began to address the situation.

“The challenge that we’ve faced with Battlefield 4 were different from anything that we’ve seen before with other games. There were different issues that only manifest its scale in the post-launch live environment. We’re taking multiple steps to evaluate what occurred and incorporate those learnings into our development process for future products, so we don’t experience the same problems again.”

Brand new EA CEO Andrew Wilson reiterated Soderlund’s comments mentioning that Battlefield 4 was a “complex effort.”  He also commended Dice on working quickly to address the problems.

“Launching Battlefield was a complex effort, with our teams at DICE delivering a massive game packed with innovative new features for players on next-gen consoles, current-gen consoles and PC,” said Wilson. “Shortly after Battlefield 4 went live, we began hearing from some players in the community who were experiencing issues with the game. The Battlefield team acted swiftly to address the issues through game updates, and they continue to make refinements as part of our live service to ensure a great game experience for all Battlefield 4 players. Battlefield 4 is an amazing game in size, scope and gameplay, and we’re confident that gamers will be playing for a long time to come.”

Battlefield 4 launched late October 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC with PS4 and Xbox One verions launching alongside their respective consoles.  All versions were hit with plenty of connectivity issues, bugs, glitches and errors that deleted your save files.  Things have improved, though there’s still work to be done.

Another Battlefield title is rumored to be releasing this year courtesy of Criterion Games.