Is Sony Prepping PS1/PS2 Software Emulation For PS4?

Probably one of the biggest downsides to the PS4 and Xbox One is the fact that neither as backwards compatible with older games.  Typically, past consoles have launched with this feature to entice gamers to upgrade early into the console generation with them knowing they can use their new machines to play older games.  Well, it looks like that may be coming to PS4.

We know that Sony is prepping PlayStation Now, a cloud-streaming service that allows users to play PS3 games on PS4, PS Vita and other devices.  However, Sony might be doing something else for delivering PS2 and PS1 content to consumers.  A ‘well-placed source’ has revealed to Digital Foundry that Sony intends to add software emulation to the PS4 so users can play PS1 and PS2 games.

Their source says that Sony is looking to implement the same internal software emulation used in the PS Vita into the PS4.  Sony is also pursuing the ability for older titles to run at native HD resolutions rather than the blurry upscaling seen in backwards compatible PS3 models.

Software Emulation is something Sony has employed in the past with their home consoles.  While the original 20GB and 60GB PS3 models achieved backwards compatibility through hardware emulation, the 80GB PS3 models achieved it through software emulation.  Unfortunately, backwards compatibility was stripped out completely in 2009 with the PS3 Slim in order to lower the cost.

Right now take this as a rumor.  We’ll let you know should Sony announce anything.