Offices of ‘Secret of World’ Developers Raided

The day-to-day operations of Norwegian game developers Funcom has come to a screeching halt this morning as their offices have been compromised by Norway’s economic crime unit, who believes that the company infringed on the provisions of the Securities Trading Act for one of their biggest games.

The crime force, Økokrim, calls the survival-horror, roleplaying MMO The Secret World into question and asserts that the financial information submitted from August 2011 to two months after the games release in July 2012 is a tad fishy.

In an official charge issued out by Økokrim, there is full cooperation between Funcom and the crime force. Luckily for Funcom, their stock listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange has been put back in it’s place after being taken down a few hours earlier.

At this time, there has been no official release from the Funcom regarding this matter and no further release from Økokrim.