Final Fantasy VII Miniatures Up for Pre-Order

There aren’t enough Final Fantasy VII pieces of merchandise to appease our figure-collecting, Final Fantasy VII fandom. Square Enix must have known this when they came up with the miniatures that are the topic of this very news story. It was announced today that Square will be releasing a batch of FFVII minis that are, for lack of a better word, ADORABLE. Totes adorbs, if you will — which you will, trust us. Nevertheless, this set of Static Arts miniatures will be released this coming August in North America, with each figure clocking in at 5-inches tall. The bad news? Each is $29.99. Ouch. That seems like a bit steep considering what you’re getting. But still, we know there are some VII fanatics out there (read: us) who are willing to drop that kind of cash in the blink of an eye if it means littering their shelves with new spikey-haired figures.

So which characters will be featured in this first burst of minis? Well, we have the three essentials: Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth. Square describes the figures as such: “Not too big, and not too small… these 5-inch statuettes are just the right size for your collection, and perfect for a display case or a desk of any FINAL FANTASY fan!”

Take a peek at each one below, and then if you feel so inclined head ON over to Square Enix’s store to get your pre-order on.