Major Bug-Fixing Disgaea D2 Patch Now Available in North America and Europe

Disgaea D2 was a great game practically anyway you look at it — including with its fair share of flaws showing — but fixing them is never a bad thing. That’s exactly what NIS America has done with the release of the first major patch for the game.

Here’s a full list:

Patch Notes:
– 22 new save icons
– Summer Greetings (1): No requirement for obtaining.
– Ending Images (4): Obtainable from the toy vending machine after clearing each ending.
– Preview Images (17): Obtainable from the toy vending machine after watching each preview.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a freeze that occurred during skill animations.
– Fixed the window size of a warning message that pops up when the install
data is corrupted.
– Fixed the activation of certain conversation flags after creating the maximum number of characters.
– Fixed an issue where Laharl’s (Prinny’s, during Prinny Day) HP becomes 1 when a stage is cleared and there are no more characters to dispatch in the Base Panel.
– Fixed an issue of the wrong voice playing when Marona uses her Confine skill with the English voices selected.
– Fixed audio issues during the Dark Assembly and Item Assembly.

Head over to PSN to download it and feel free to delete your 300+ hour save and experience the game from the start as it was meant to be played! Or, you know, keep the save and enjoy the smoother ride and new vending machine presents. The choice is yours, overlord!