Blizzard Funds Competitive Gaming For Broke College Students

College students don’t usually have what it takes to become competitive video gamer’s. After all, a position of such rank requires the consumption of more Doritos and Mountain Dew than the average student’s stomach can handle. The issues aren’t limited to a digestive system familiar with little more than ramen noodles, however. College students are normally broke, and a lack of money can stifle any attempt at arranging a massive gaming tournament — or at least cap the quality at around ‘sh***y’.

Blizzard, the juggernaut developer responsible for StarCraft II, doesn’t want their games to be enjoyed under a tree with the accompanying melodies of an ably played 6-string, though, and is now offering a helping hand.

If you’re part of The eSports Association, Blizzard has your back. Various TeSPA groups will be able to earn in-game goodies, party promotion and tournament funding for their game and game related shenanigans. Naturally, the bigger the group becomes, the more funding will be made available. In addition to greenbacks, other rewards include nifty prizes, guest appearances and perhaps most thrilling of all, a pizza party. Participants aren’t walled behind Blizzard’s roster of games, either. Want to play something different? No problem. That would be a dick move, though. You know, considering the pizza and all.

If you’ve yet to create a group, what the hell are you waiting for? It takes about as much effort as, well, typing. Which doesn’t take much effort at all. You gather some friends — or make some if you’re a loner — and create a chapter on the TeSPA website. Once complete, you get some documentation explaining the basics of expanding your group, both on and offline (I suggest checking out the solicitation laws for your area). Finished? Good. Start collecting some prizes. We’ve listed the highlights, but feel free to check out the full list of rewards.

The Reward Highlights:

Newly Registered

Local Chapter Website

Mailing List

Member T-Shirt + Key Cap

40 Members

Vinyl Banner

Social Media Support

Swag Pack (toys, shirts, wristbands, etc.)

65 Members

Event Sponsorship (1/yr): $300

Equipment Inventory Access

Product Sponsorship Pack (1/year)

80 Members

Upgraded Equipment Inventory

Pizza Party

Additional Swag Pack

100 Members

Additional Product Sponsorship (1/year)

Banner Stand with YOUR Logo

College Highlight Showcase!

150 Members

Event Sponsorship: $400

Ultimate Swag Packs

In-game Rewards

200 Members

Event Sponsorship: $500

Skype Call with a Special Guest

Signed Gear Package

300 Members

Special Guest Meet And Greet

Chapter Hall Of Fame

Swag Pack Reinforcements