Resident Evil: Revelations HD Has Sold 1.1 Million Units

Resident Evil: Revelations made the jump to the HD consoles and PC last Spring, and it looks like it has done rather well.  Capcom revealed on their Capcom Unity Blog that total sales for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U title have surpassed 1 million units.

“Just a quick little pat on the back for RE Revelations – the console/PC versons have passed the one-million mark in worldwide sales and are currently sitting pretty at 1.1 million overall,” Capcom employee Brelston wrote.

Resident Evil: Revelations originally released in 2012 for the 3DS.  The game was heavily praised for its gorgeous graphics and the successful marriage of action and survival-horror.  Capcom announced that the game would be making its way to PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U at the beginning of 2013.  Though the HD ports did not garner as much praise as the 3DS version, it was still significantly better than Resident Evil 6.

You can check out our reviews for the 3DS version here and HD version here and see if you want to help Capcom grow sales of its latest Resident Evil title.