Super Hexagon Creator Crafts Homage to Flappy Bird

If you’re waiting for your $90,000 iPhone to arrive with Flappy Bird installed, congratulations – you’re an idiot. Despite that, you should still be able to press the up and down keys on your keyboard. If this applies to you, then Super Hexagon’s creator Terry Cavanagh has just the game to help you pass the time – Maverick Bird! Using Super Hexagon’s bright colors-on-black pixel art visual style, it’s got a pulse-pounding electronica soundtrack that would be right at home in a club and is far more addictive than Flappy Bird. The music is a large part of that because while you’ll die a ton, you’ll want to keep playing it over and over to hear more of the music and get past just one more obstacle. As tough as Super Hexagon was, this is even harder, and perhaps a bit more rewarding. There’s no word yet on if this will be formally released on app stores or on Steam, but it would be a fun little gag game to own for a dollar – and perfect as a bundle bonus of some sort.