Final Fantasy XV Is Very Far Along In Development

Final Fantasy talk this week has been primarily focused on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  This final game brings the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy to a close, and now its time to look towards the future.  Final Fantasy XV is the next entry in the long-running franchise, and according to Square Enix it is doing quite well.

“We can’t give too much information but certainly looking at Final Fantasy XV, it’s not as if it’s in competition with Kingdom Hearts 3 for resources or anything like that,” Series Producer Yoshinori Kitase told VideoGamer. “It’s quite far into development now and it is being given a very high priority within the company itself, but that doesn’t mean Kingdom Hearts isn’t.”

It’s a good thing it’s this far into development.  Final Fantasy XV was originally announced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which means the game has been in development for over eight years.  It was rebranded Final Fantasy XV at E3 2013.

Kitase also mentioned the power of the next-gen consoles and how Square Enix intends to use that power in Final Fantasy XV and future titles.  “We are quite aware of [PS4 & Xbox One’s] capabilities and certainly one thing that’s going to come up is having battles with a lot more participants involved. Having a lot more characters, a lot more things happening, that’s one of the things that the new hardware does really well, so to maybe make a battle system for a Final Fantasy game or a future game that fits with that, I think it would be quite good to have more characters for the player to control and more participants in the battle.”

Final Fantasy XV has not been given a release window yet, though we’re sure we’ll see more of the game at E3 2014.  It is currently in development for PS4 and Xbox One.