Indie Game Stand Valentine’s Day Deals Drop 80+ Game Prices

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and with much of the U.S. shoveling snow and avoiding frostbite, it’s a good time to have a ton of hot cocoa. It’s a great time to get some gaming done after you’re thawed out too. With the Last of Us getting story DLC tomorrow, it will be a great day for gamers, and Indie Game Stand is doing their part to help out too. From February 14 until February 17, you can save a ton on over 80 games. The Unstoppable Gorg can be yours for $2, while Super Lemonade Factory is only $1. Super Lemonade Factory is a fantastic puzzle-platformer on the OUYA, and its PC version can be yours for a mere $1. Grotesque Tactics can be yours for only $2, while the Unstoppable Gorb is also only $2 and Plush is down to $1. FootLOL: Epic Fail League is 70% off and will only set you back $3.