New Single Player Mode Detailed for Mario Golf: World Tour

In the first Nintendo Direct stream of 2014, Satoru Iwata offered some more information on Mario Golf: World Tour for the 3DS. This upcoming entry in the popular spin-off golf series will mark the first portable entry since Mario Golf: Advance Tour on the Game Boy Advance.

During the broadcast Iwata outlined the new single player campaign called the Castle Club, where player’s will be able to take control of their Mii. You can customize your Mii with a variety of golfing accessories which will determine its attributes, and while you will work your way through the ranks, the main focus is to offer a variety of training exercises to hone your skills. It seems that the Castle Club is designed to help prepare players, and their Miis, for the multiplayer component of the game.

The game is scheduled for a European release on May 2, 2014.