Have a Steamy Valentine’s Day Sale Begins

Valve’s got V-day on their mind, and with many gamers busy enjoying Titfanfall and/or time with their significant others, they want to make sure folks don’t forget about them. For today only, you can get some Steamy deals – although there’s a surprising lack of dating sims on here. Girls Like Robots can be yours for $5, while Long Live the Queen is $5, and Gone Home is $8. Dear Esther is only $2.50, while Alan Wake gets a massive 85% discount for everything – giving you the collector’s edition of the original and American Nightmare for $6. Analogue: A Hate Story is $20,  while The Novelist is $9, and 7 Grand Steps will set you back $5. For $10, you can get Redshirt, while $1.69 is all you’ll need for Thirty Flights of Loving.