Rambo: The Video Game Trophy List Revealed, Still Doesn’t Make it Worth Playing

One of the joys of my profession is getting to review awful games. And by “getting to review” I mean going out and buying them because there is no way on earth that the publishers would ever want to encourage the game’s merits being discussed. It takes quite a terrible game for that to occur, with Ride to Hell: Retribution and Fast & Furious: Showdown being the two most shining examples last year. If there’s a game that will carry on their legacy it has to be Rambo: The Video Game. I mean this game has looked bad from day one Horrible, really, but that doesn’t mean there’s not trophies to be gained from playing it!

Check them all out below and remember that trying to unlock them all makes you a horrible person:


Mission Accomplished
All Trophies Unlocked


2 stars on Prologue

2 stars on Jailbreak

Forest Hunt
2 stars on Forest Hunt

The Demolition Of Hope
2 stars on The Demolition Of Hope

POW Camp
2 stars on POW Camp

River Run
2 stars on River Run

Interrogation Escape
2 stars on Interrogation Escape

Deep Jungle
2 stars on Deep Jungle

Village Vanguard
2 stars on Village Vanguard
The Waterfall
2 stars on The Waterfall

POW Evac
2 stars on POW Evac

Afghan Camp
2 stars on Afghan Camp

The Fort
2 stars on The Fort

The Fort – Second Stab
2 stars on The Fort – Second Stab

Cave Encounter
2 stars on Cave Encounter

The Final Showdown
2 stars on The Final Showdown


War you won’t belive
15x Score Multiplier on any level

Become War to survive a War
20 kill per minute ratio on any level

Your worst nightmare
10 chain kill combo on any level


I’m the last one, Sir
3000 kills in total

Good supply of body bags
2000 headshots in total

God, didn’t make Rambo. I made him
Reach Rank 20

God would have mercy
Reload Combo of 100 on any level

My War is Over
Complete story mode on Green Beret Difficulty

First Blood Complete
3 stars on all CHAPTER 1 Levels

First Blood Part II Complete
3 stars on all CHAPTER 2 Levels

Rambo III Complete
3 stars on all CHAPTER 3 Levels