Bundle Stars Neo: Retro Bundle Launched

Today’s a good day to spend money on games. Beyond the Steam weekly sales, Bundle Stars is back with yet another bundle – the Neo: Retro bundle. Sadly, with Neo in the title, no Neo-Geo classics are a part of it. You can get eight titles for $4 though, so if you’ve ever wanted Jets ‘n Guns Gold, Inquisitor Deluxe Edition, 3089 – Futuristic Action RPG FPS, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Universe Sandbox, Chronicles of Mystery – The Scorpio Ritual, 3079 – Block Action RPG FPS, or Realms of Arkania – Complete Classic Trilogy, now’s the time to get them. Everything in the bundle unlocks on Steam and is available as a DRM-free Windows download as well. This bundle gives you a fairly diverse lineup of games, from platformers to shooters to RPGs, and is worth picking up if any of the games in it interest you since the bundle’s cost is lower than the individual game prices.