LeBron James’ ‘Floppy Bron’ is Perhaps the Best Flappy Bird Clone Ever

A week after Flappy Bird was pulled from virtual shelves, we’re still looking for a game to fill the void left deep inside us. We thought it could be Splashy Fish, but it’s just a matter of time until that is pulled for cribbing assets from Mario. So what is a mobile gamer to do? How about “Floppy Bron”?

Yes, Floppy Bron is exactly what you’d expect from the name. A Flappy Bird clone with LebBon James flapping — or flopping, if you will — in place of a bird. It’s timely — both for Lebron’s recent flopping and Flappy Bird — and a surprisingly well-made clone of the original game.

We’re told that Floppy Bron is playable on iOS and Android, but can’t see to find it on iTunes or Google Play. So if it’s a hack, you’ll have to scope it out yourself.

For now, however, check out a quick clip of the game below: