STARWHAL Early Access Version Hits Steam Today

The in-browser fish-jousting game known as STARWHAL: Just the Tip has finally reached a godlike level of popularity. Breakfall, the makers of the game, decided to take things to Steam, starting with the same early-access version that was shown off at a private party earlier this year.


The object of the game is simple: pierce the heart of your rival narwhals enough times until they die. That’s it. The controls, wacky aesthetic and simplicity of this 4-player experience make it feasibly approachable for the everyday casual gamer. The guys at Game Grumps also took a stab at this game earlier this year while it was still playable on internet browsers.

“We’re launching this game in early access because we want all the fans to play the latest and greatest along with us. We’re rolling out with multiplayer features first, bit by bit, and then later will release the final release version that includes single player challenge mode! We think this will take at least 2-3 months to complete,” wrote Breakfall developers.


Right now, you can go and grab the early version of the game for a heart-piercing $9 on Steam. The full version of STARWHAL: Just the Tip will most likely be released sometime this May.