Steam Weeklong Deals Begin – Binary Domain Under $4

Mondays may be something to fear at work, but not with gaming. This week’s Steam deals are highlighted by an insanely low price for the sci-fi shooter Binary Domain at $3.75. Another Sega-published cult classic is Alpha Protocol, which is only $3.75 as well. Steamworld Dig, a 3DS game that should translate very well to the big screen, also gets a massive discount down to $5. Avadon 2: The Corruption is $2.50, as are Post Mortem and Silent Storm: Gold Edition. Cargo Commander is even cheaper at $2, while Aarklash: Legacy is $8.40, and Type: Rider is $3.50.

Future Wars can be yours for only 50 cents and seems like a must for those who enjoyed Advance Wars. Urban Trial Freestyle doesn’t do Trials as well as the series that made the genre famous, but can be yours for $3.74 just the same. STORM: Frontline Nation is $2.50, while the Still Life Bundle contains two games for $3.74.

Flatout Complete nets you four games for $10, which each game also getting 75% off discounts in case you have the others – although the bundle is still the cheapest route to get them. Savant – Ascent is 99 cents, while Frozen Hearth is $9. Lucious can be yours for $5, as can Deponia. RaySupreme 3D is $27, and Day One: Garry’s Incident is $4.