Tower of Guns Prepping for Launch

Tower of Guns has been creeping towards completion for a while now, and as of today it’s got a launch date and a shiny new trailer to show it off.  On March 4th the semi-procedural FPS lands on Steam in all it’s mechanized bullet-drenched glory, complete with the usual launch-day discount to entice you into its clutches.  We’ve talked about Tower of Guns a few times before, saying nice things while anticipating future developments, but with the final version imminent the anticipation stage is just about done.  Of course, if you’re feeling impatient pre-orders are still open and the development version available immediately, or you can just wait two weeks and see the final version.  You won’t go wrong either way.

Having been over this before, the short version of the game-  Tower of Guns is a rogue-ish FPS designed to be completed in a single sitting, if you can survive that long.  Each game takes about an hour, and while it’s not truly procedurally generated the levels are constructed of a series of pre-built room strung together in a random order with multiple possible enemy patterns available.  While you may recognize a layout or two after a couple of play-throughs, who’s attacking from where can still come as a surprise.  The tower is packed with mounted turrets spewing swarms of bullets, enemy robots plotting your evisceration, giant bosses bristling with guns, and more secrets and powerups than you can shake a stick at.  We’ll be having a full review on the game’s release, but in the meantime you can pass the time by checking out the launch trailer and all the terrible ways it wants to kill you.