Kingdom Come: Deliverance Confirmed for Xbox One and PS4

Kingdom Come: Deliverance hasn’t even finished its Kickstarter fundraising and it’s already confirmed for Xbox One and PS4. Developers Warhorse Studios announced that Sony and Microsoft had approved the game to be on their next-gen consoles and are already working on both versions.

The Kickstarter has raised nearly four times its original goal of £300,000, currently sitting just shy of £900,000 (that’s around $1.4 million dollars US for those keeping track) at time of writing. If it raises just a hundred thousand more pounds, everybody gets a dog companion as a stretch goal reward — so there’s still plenty reason to back it. Well, reasonably speaking.

If you are a backer of the game (and let’s face it, there’s a good chance you are) at a digital or boxed tier, you will be able to choose either next-gen version of the game as your reward.

The beta will remain only on Windows, Linux and Mac but may come to consoles at a later date.