Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale Begins

The Xbox Live Ultimate games sale has gone live, and slashes prices on some games until the end of February 18 and until February 25 on others. Some deals are Gold-only, including Persona 4 Arena for $10, Radiant Silvergun for $7.50, DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi for $10, and Ridge Racer Unbounded for $5. Alan Wake: American Nightmare is $3, Portal 2 is $10, Dante’s Inferno is only $4, DiRT 3 is $5, Asura’s Wrath is $8, Bastion is $3, Fable 3  is $7.50, Halo Reach is $7.50, Ruse is $6.60, Dishonored is $10, Mass Effect is $4, Batman: Arkham City is $5, Dust: An Elysian Tale is $, and Guardians of Middle Earth is only $1. The entire Capcom Arcade Cabinet can be yours for $2, Motocross Madness is $2, Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale is $2, Runner 2 is $2, Driver: San Francisco is $7, and Armored Core: Verdict Day is $7.