Super Street Fighter IV Gets Virgin Gaming Support

If you’re a Street Fighter junkie who always wanted to get paid to beat the snot out of folks with a strong shoryuken, then Virgin Gaming’s announcement of their support for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition might be the answer to your prayers.

Virgin Gaming is a joint venture company between and Virgin Group. The company excels in their business of allowing users to place bets in their own matches with American currency and profit through the 12 percent that they take from the winnings. Users can opt out of the service fee if they sign up for the $4.17 a month premium service subscription.

Along with an small, yet impressive collection of sports games, VG’s addition of Capcom’s most popular and revered fighting game will mean that avid combatants will be able to bet money in either one-on-one matches, participate in tournaments and build leagues with friends.

Skeptics may not realize it now, but what Virgin Gaming and Capcom have now done is open up the experience of participating in tournaments to those who aren’t be able to take part in big name fighting game tournaments. EVO, for example, requires that contestants lay down travel and hotel money in addition to paying a sign-up fee. In contrast, VG offers tournament options: “Quick Strike” tournaments for $1 minimum entry, “Turbo Takedown” for $3 minimum entry and “Ultra Mayhem” for $5.

However, there now remains the uncertainty of whether or not Ultra Street Fighter IV will get the same treatment. An updated version of the game set to come out June, and if anything, Capcom and VG are probably using the SSFIV: AE to test the waters.

Interested players can get more details and sign up at the VG’s official site.