Wasteland 2 Update Next Week, inXile Addresses Release

“When will Wasteland 2 be done?” A question Brian Fargo asks himself in his most recent Kickstarter update. And while “When it’s done” is the short answer, Fargo does share a bit of context, clarifying a few unknowns that fans should be eager to read.

“We know better than to give an exact date at this point because in addition to pushing the game in the ways we’d planned, we’re going to continue to incorporate player comments that make sense for us to address.”

The team isn’t interested in closing in on a date without first ensuring that Wasteland 2 is a “classic that would hold a spot in your mind along with the other top RPGs of our time.” With over 2,300 bugs and suggestions reported by beta users since launch, there’s still plenty of work for inXile to plow through.

The next major updates goes live on Steam, February 24.