NEO XYX Sold Out: Proof the Dreamcast Still Has Life

Even though NEO XYX was just released on Dreamcast on Tuesday, developer/publisher NG:DEVTEAM has already sold through every copy of the game. The Collector’s and Special Editions of the shmup had already sold out through pre-orders, yet the plain ‘ol regular edition still managed to go out of stock. We’re not sure how many copies were printed in all, but for comparison’s sake, the Collector’s and Limited Edition had a total of 1300 copies printed alone. The fact that the Dreamcast can move even a hundred copies of a new game in 2014 is astonishing alone.

It’s simply more proof that gamers don’t want to let go of Sega’s beloved console, even after fifteen years.

For those who still want to snag the game, more copies of the regular edition will be made available on March 10 via NG:DEV.Direct.