StarCrawlers Gets Steam Greenlight

Having pitted sci-fi adventure aspects with role-playing battle mechanics and Mass Effect-like character decisions that greatly change the course of the story mode, the developers at Juggernaut Games have struck gold with their Kickstarter project gaming title known as StarCrawlers as it gets green light for Steam release today.

In this game, players take on the role of mercenary known as Crawler, known to take on any mission regardless of whether it’s for a good cause or for a shady cover up. The Crawler does come with their own team as well, each taking on one of the four classes: Cyber Ninja, Hacker, Solider and Void Psyker.

StarCrawlers prev 3

There will be customized dungeons that fit the level of the Crawler and their crew, and players will also run into various missions that will force them to make certain decisions. Every choice will alter the course of their intergalactic journey.


As of now, there isn’t a set drop date for the game, but it could be sooner than the presumed “late 2014” with the new greenlight from Valve.

Check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below: