Be A Child Again With My Great Big Coloring Book

A grown man should be able to walk into a toy shop, pick up a few coloring books, crayons and a sense of child-like wonderment, and go on about his business. Unfortunately, we don’t live in Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and childless men stalking the isles of a Toys “R” Us are usually a cause for concern. Thankfully, Go Games has provided me with one less reason to hear the Miranda Rights.

My Great Big Coloring Book is an iPhone, iPad and iPod art game featuring hundreds of pictures to draw, paint and color. Princesses, dragons, dogs and even aliens make the cut, and an assortment of nifty brushes, patterns and colors, ensure that the only thing stopping you from creating the drawing of your dreams is a stunted imagination.

While on the surface it seems like a game intended for children — and that is entirely accurate — it’s also a game that allows you to relive some of your least confusing, and most appreciable, childhood memories. You know, without years of therapy. So get those fingers good and ready, because My Great Big Coloring Book is available now for free.