NaissanceE Patched to Reduce Player Frustration

NaissanceE by Limasse Five is quite the unique puzzle/platformer experience. Unfortunately, it launched with some annoyances that soured the mood for some gamers. The game received a substantial patch this week that seems to address most player complaints.

Patch 1.1 has improved the design of various levels, making it harder to die unexpectedly. Of course, the experience wasn’t tempered so much to make it feel completely safe either. There had previously been a large bug that made progress past a fan section for users on older machines nearly impossible which has finally been resolved as well. One of our largest complaints dealt with the poor spacing of checkpoints. 1.1 also adds additional checkpoints in Act 2 and 3.

If you’ve already made progress in NaissanceE and are excited to try the game post-patch, well, don’t start it up just yet. The patch is possibly breaking old save files! Here are Limasse Five’s instructions for keeping your game save:

-Go to: “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Copy/past this file somewhere else for backup: “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini”
-Launch the updated game, then exit.
-Copy the backup file “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini” you made before.
-Past it in “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Overwrite if asked.