Humble Store’s Deep Silver Sale Begins

Thanks to the death of THQ, Deep Silver has been able to carve a niche out for itself as basically being a “best of” what that company had to offer. Now, a lot of that is on sole via the Humble Store. For the next week, you can get Saints Row IV for $16, its season pass for $4, Saints Row The Third’s Complete Package for $15, Metro 2033 for $10, Metro: Last Light for $20, Dead Island Riptide for $15, and Dead Island: GOTY Edition for $10. SR IV has yet to be cheaper than this, although if you’ve waited this long to play it, you may just want to wait for a seemingly inevitable Humble Bundle featuring it. Either Metro game is well-worth your time, although Dead Island Riptide’s probably better off only being bought in a bundle given how limited it is.