Xbox One Gets A Price Cut In The UK

Xbox One has always been the most expensive next-gen console. However, today, only in the UK, Microsoft has announced a price for the console that will take affect February 28. Players in the UK will be able to pick up the Xbox One for £399.

“For us it’s about giving UK gamers the best value we can,” said Xbox’s UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle in a press release. “That really starts with the announcement we’re making today with this new £399 price-point. But it’s also very much about the launch of Titanfall, and now seems a great time to offer the best value we can and include what is the hottest game of this new console generation in the box for our fans.”

This coincides with the announcement of the Titanfall Xbox One bundle. This bundle will be available worldwide in territories where Xbox One is available. It’s just the price cut that is exclusive to the UK.

The UK was a stronghold for the Xbox 360, but that was a different generation. The PS4 has been consistently outselling the more expensive Xbox One worldwide. While the new price of £399 is nice, Xbox One is still £50 more expensive than a PS4.

Microsoft has not announced whether a price drop will be coming to North America.