El Presidente Calls, Tropico 5 Beta Sign-ups Now Open

You won’t have to wait to play the next title in the Tropico series — not if you’re willing to click a link and fill out a form. With the help of El Presidente, interested folk can sign up for the Tropico March Beta test starting today. There’s a limited amount of spots available, so fans are encouraged to jump aboard the dynasty train now.

Tropico 5, the highly anticipated Tropico sequel, is packed with new features sure to rouse fans and newcomers alike. With new challenges to conquer, advanced trading mechanics, exciting new research trees, island exploration, and cooprative/multiplayer gameplay for up to four players — a series first — there’s more to love than ever.

The only real requirements are that you enjoy city-building games and have a basic understanding of English. Sound like you? Fantastic!