Indie Gala Rise of Flight Bundle Soars High

Indie Gala is supporting the rise of flight with a brand-new bundle. For $1, you can get Hippocampal, QBQBQB and its OST, and the excellent Saturday Morning RPG. This is a humor-filled RPG that is a must for any ’90s kid who grew up with a Trapper Keeper and may have had a rat tail at any point in time. For a limited time, $4 gets you early access to Arcane Worlds and Victory: The Age of Racing as well as Mini Motor Racing Evo, Solar Flux, and Rise of Flight and its Legendary Bombers DLC. If the racing games interest you, then spend the $3 more and get the deluxe tier. At only $1, Saturday Morning RPG is well-worth owning and a heck of a deal.