Microsoft: No Halo News Until E3 2014

If you were expecting Microsoft to make any upcoming announcements concerning their 2014 title then you best be prepared to be disappointed.  Despite a huge leak suggesting Halo 2: Anniversary Edition would be releasing this year and the voice of Master Chief apparently confirming the game, Microsoft has no plans to make an announcement until this June.

A fan on Twitter asked Microsoft Studios Head when we would hear about the next Halo.  He responded that, “Halo news will be coming at E3. 343i has a great plan in place, will be cool to share with everyone.”

There’s no solid information to go by except from the small CG trailer shown at E3 2013 showcasing Master Chief in a desert.  Rumors suggest that Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will come with the Halo 5 beta with the full game releasing in 2015.

One thing is for sure, E3 2014 is going to be huge with every publisher bringing brand new IPs and world-renowned franchises.  E3 2014 kicks off  June 10-June 12.  Monday June 9 will be dedicated to Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony’s press conferences.