Have Some Faif In Mobile Gaming, New Puzzle RPG Ready For Launch

Once in a while I’m blown away by a mobile game. It doesn’t happen often, what with every hipster doofus on a video game message-board producing hogwash. And even when I do find something that grabs my attention, it rarely has enough content to justify its existence on my phone for longer than a week. Faif, however, is one such game that didn’t stop at grabbing me. It held me, caressed me, and told me everything would be alright before stealing my final reserve of hearts.

Developed by the handsome princes at Beavl, Faif introduced early access to the mobile platform, and allowed for input by way of the game’s  homescreen. I was so impressed, I wrote about it. The fact that my feedback was taken into account, and later even implemented into the game was astounding. For that matter, heaps of feedback was given, taken and actualized. In Faif’s case, the early access system, by all means, worked.

In case you’re too busy to read my impressions, or our interview with Beavl, I’ll give you the rundown. Faif is a match-5, turn-based RPG that breaks the Dungeon Raid tradition by adding gambling into the mix. The result is a highly addictive formula that calls for both strategy and luck in equal parts.

After long days in review by Apple, and a strong early access run on the Google Play store, Beavl is preparing for the launch of their final version of Faif on both Android and iOS devices. The expected release date is March 6, 2014. I urge any fan of tile matching, turn-based RPGs, gambling, or simply fun to pick it up. Once you do, the hardest part will be putting it down.