‘Edition Mode’ for Ultra Street Fighter IV Annouced; Changes Playing Field

Combatants in the fighting game community who wished to resurrect older Street Fighter IV versions of their characters are now in luck, as Capcom has announced Edition Mode for Ultra Street Fighter IV today. This mechanism will allow, for example, players to pick their favorite character followed by either the Street Fighter IV, the original and Ver. 2012 edition of Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Ultra Street Fighter IV versions of those characters.

Capcom also released a trailer demonstrating this game-changing mode, showcasing a brief and mildly funny skit of an obvious Sagat player dreaming and wishing for the return of the original parameters set for the master of the Tiger uppercut in Street Fighter IV. Backed by some Rose’s theme music, we’re shown how we can select these versions while on the character select screen, followed by some interesting match ups considering the countless combinations.

The only question that truly remains is whether or not Edition Mode will be available for use online and in fighting game tournaments such as the upcoming EVO 2014. Utilizing this option might be great when playing with your friends, however it could also prove problematic in Ranked Matches or in a contested bout against one of the most feared players in the world, Daigo Umehara.

We’ll have to wait until USFIV’s June release to find the answer. Until then, check out the trailer below.