Growlanser: Heritage of War to Hit PSN Next Week

Growlanser is one of those series that people just don’t know about. In spite of consistently pumping out solid title after solid title, for whatever reason, some folks just don’t know the franchise exists. And that’s too bad, really, as Growlanser is actually one of the more tactically-sound SRPGs out there. Its dating-sim components, mature stories and non-traditional battle layouts are just some of its unique, defining features; but in truth — and if we can just speak frank for a moment — the games are just holistically good Japanese roleplaying experiences. Still, they seem to fly under radars, and that’s exactly what happened with Growlanser V, or as we North Americans know it, Heritage of War.

“Heritage of War” not ringing a bell? We’re not surprised. Aside from the aforementioned misnomers, HoW was released at the end of the PS2’s life cycle in very limited supply. These bits of fact combined with the notion that it’s not a particularly aesthetically-pleasing game by any measure, means that Heritage of War went unnoticed. Thankfully, Atlus is getting a chance to bring it back into the light via the PlayStation Network. Next week, Growlanser: Heritage of War will hit the PlayStation 3 via PS2 Classics. No price point has been detailed yet, but you can expect something around the usual amount that a PS2 Classics game fetches (~$10). If you’ve been looking for a way to re-live 2007, we can’t think of a better to do than with Heritage of War. Scope the trailer below for a look at what the game offers.