WWE Network Launches on Xbox 360 After a Week-Long Delay

After a week-long delay, the login issues with the 360 version of the WWE Network app were ironed out and you can finally log into the service. Sadly, the live stream is a bit delayed compared to other formats, and not all of the on-demand content is available. The app features a 43 MB update that enables you to get the redone app and then access the content. Unlike the other versions on Sony systems, there isn’t a search function and you have no access to WCW or ECW PPVs. This is honestly a bit of a slap in the face to 360 owners, who get a working version of the app as the free trial expires and then can’t even view all of the content. The Xbox 360 WWE Network app was the first one hyped up on TV and it offers up the smallest amount of content. The lone upside to using the app on the 360 versus a PS3 or PS4 is that the icon for selecting things by year is much bigger here than on those systems.  Hopefully the full library is made available on the 360 soon because it’s almost impossible to believe it was released in this form – even on day one, this version would have sucked. Having it come after it was available for a week elsewhere is just baffling.