Humble Mobile Bundle 4 Released

The fourth Humble Mobile Bundle allows you to get a slew of Android games for next to nothing. You can pay what you want and get Catan, Vector, Zombie Gunship, and the incredible Riptide GP2. Paying more than the present average of about $3 gets you Badland and Breach & Clear. OUYA owners curious about how the games work on the system will be happy to know that Riptide GP2, by the creators of Hydro Thunder Hurricane, works perfectly on the system without any issues. The controller is recognized instantly and works perfectly. The same goes for Badland, which gives you a really artsy platforming adventure with a somewhat dark vibe to it. If you love the silhouette stages in the Donkey Kong Country Returns series, you’ll enjoy its visual style. At only $3, you can’t go wrong with Riptide GP 2 and Badland.