Project Spark Beta Available on Xbox One

Enter Project Spark, Microsoft’s hotly anticipated cross-platform canvas of opportunity and fun. With over 250,000 fans tinkering with its unique, revolutionary toolset, the beta on Xbox One is setting to create a seamless experience between both platforms. With Cloud Saving, players can begin a project on a Windows 8.1 device, and continue on the Xbox One.

Project Spark features:

  • Access an interactive world where fans and developers collide, with the power to create unique levels and games utilizing your “creativity¬†storytelling and personality.”
  • Experience hundreds of games other user’s have crafted, and tweak them to your taste. You can also provide feedback on gameplay.
  • Share the games you create with beta participants, as well as Team Dakota. Eventually, share the creations with players around the world when the product is made available.

Interested in joining the beta? Visit the official Project Spark website to sign up.