Monster Monpiece Gets a Sexually Suggestive Trophy List

Everything about Monster Monpiece is a little bit icky. After all, this is a game that requires rubbing girls to remove their clothes in order to progress. The content was toned down a bit for the North American release, but the trophies for the game are anything but clean. Some of the suggestively titled trophies include ‘Skilled Fingers,” “Rubbing Expert,” “Rubbing Master, “Ladykiller,” and our favorite, “Deft Hands.”

Check out the full list below, but be warned that unlocking any of them could be highly embarrassing.


Monster Monpiece Master
Obtained all the trophies!


Monpiece Hall of Famer
Won 100 online battles!

300 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!

Irresistible Force
Won 10 online battles in a row!


Genius of Love
Triggered extreme love 100 times!

Monpiece Legend
Won 90 online battles!

10K Titan
Your Rub P stock has exceeded 10000!

Hail, Conquering Hero!
Cleared the game!

Master Ring Savant
Completed 20 master rings!


The Adventure Begins…
Started the game for the first time!

Tokio Cleared
Tokio area cleared!

Si Ku Ork Cleared
Si Ku Ork area cleared!

The Thrill Of Victory…
Won a card battle for the first time!

Master Ring Collector
Completed 3 master rings!

The First Card…
Acquired a card for first time!

Card Collector
Got 100 kinds of cards!

Compulsive Card Collector
Got 500 kinds of cards!

Flawless Victory
Won a card battle with 0 damage!

Novice General
Battled for the first time!

Talkin’ ‘Bout Training
Trained for the first time!

You Got the Touch…
Performed First Crush ♡ rub!

Skilled Fingers
First successful First Crush ♡ rub!

Deft Hands
10 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!

50 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!

Rubbing Expert
100 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!

Rubbing Master
Irresistible Force

Thrilled Otton
Triggered extreme love!

Excited Otton
Triggered extreme love 20 times!

Otton Burst!
Triggered extreme love 50 times!

Storming the Castle
Attacked castle for first time!

Secrets of Fusion
Performed fusion for first time!

Combat Neophyte
Won 10 offline battles!

Average General
Won 30 offline battles!

Veteran Warrior
Won 50 offline battles!

Master Tactician
Won 70 offline battles!

Legendary Leader
Won 100 offline battles!

A New Challenger…
Partook in your first online battle!

Monpiece Rookie
Won 10 online battles!

Monpiece Star
Won 30 online battles!

Monpiece All-Star
Won 50 online battles!

Monpiece MVP
Won 70 online battles!

A Learning Experience
Suffered your first online defeat

Heating Up…
Won 3 online battles in a row!
Hot Streak
Won 7 online battles in a row!

Okinava Cleared
Okinava area cleared!

Fukuruko Cleared
Fukuruko area cleared!

Ki Outo Cleared
Ki Outo area cleared!

Ho Kaido Cleared
Ho Kaido area cleared!

Hollowlo Cleared
Hollowlo area cleared!

Ginuma Cleared
Ginuma area cleared!

Kunaguva Cleared
Kunaguva area cleared!