Ittle Dew Gets 60% Discount on the OUYA

Ittle Dew is a humorous take on the classic overhead Legend of Zelda formula. You can buy it on either PC or OUYA, with the latter version being a mere $3.40 thanks to a 60% sale. This sale ends Sunday March 9 at 11:59, so when the clocks strikes midnight, you’ll be too late. Anyone who loves the overhead LoZ gameplay, or simply prefers it to the 3D incarnations, will enjoy Ittle Dew. It’s got a sharper sense of humor than any Zelda game, and more polish than most Zelda clones. It’s also greatly-aided by the humor making it stand out from the rest of the games in that genre, and is worth checking out regardless of the platform you buy it for. For a quick look at Ittle Dew, check out some footage of the OUYA version here.